2000   Dillen & Le Jeune Cargo​

2002   First private freight train in Belgium

2004   DLC trains own train drivers - examination via SNCB

2006   SNCB examinator joins DLC - DLC performs own examinations

2008   Merge of DLC and Crossrail into Crossrail AG

2008   Crossrail receives recognition from the Belgian Government to train internal and external train drivers

2014   Crossrail decides to train only internal train drivers

2016   Shareholders Crossrail AG: 75% Rhenus Logistics + 25% andere

2017   Rhenus Logistics is the only shareholder of Crossrail Benelux nv

2019   BLS Cargo is the only shareholder of Crossrail Benelux nv

2019   RAILWAYTRAINING training center arises

The past years have enabled us to gain a lot of experience in the training of train drivers and other (safety)personnel.

This experience lies at the base of the development of Railwaytraining.

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